Have we contacted you?


2dSearch are a Search Recruitment company with a head office in Sydney, Australia.


A variety of home based recruiters work for us, conducting search activity to find people who could be interested in working for our customers.


Naturally we do not know if the people who we read about are interested in a career change, however we feel that very often people are not totally happy with their current employment situation, but too busy to do anything about it – and so remain discontented.


When we contact people, we always have a position in mind for them.  Our recruiters work from a brief, and can detail the skills and experience that our customer is looking for.  If a person’s profile has limited information on it, then we may make some assumptions regarding their skill set and contact them explaining what we are looking for.  Sometimes we get things wrong, and our assumptions prove to be incorrect.  We try to provide a good snapshot of what our customer is looking for in our initial message, to allow all parties to see if there is a potential match, and to decide if they are interested. In exploring things further.


Please do not be offended if the position that we contact you about is not at an appropriate level, or if the roles and responsibilities are not quite right.  We hope that you do not mind us contacting you, and we are never offended if people do not respond, which often happens if they are not interested in the opportunity.  If you think that you could be interested in hearing about opportunities from us at a different time in the future, then please feel free to connect with the recruiter who contacted you on whatever social media platform was used.  A great way to ensure that all recruiters in 2dSearch find your profile easily, is to connect with the Manager of 2dSearch Phil Redding by visiting his LinkedIn profile here: http://au.linkedin.com/in/philredding and clicking the quick connect option under listed websites.


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